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300+ digital brands

The DCMN Digital Brand Tracker tracks the performance of 300+ brands by surveying 2000 German consumers every month.

20 industries

The only product tracking digital brands, including up-and-coming companies and startups, across 20 industries such as travel, auto and fitness

Custom insights

We measure your brand’s performance. Receive regular reports about the perception of your brand and that of your competitors.


Take full control of your brand.

How does your brand stack up next to the competition?

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Gut feeling is nice – but data is better. The DCMN Digital Brand Tracker helps you make the best strategic decisions with data-backed insights.

Track your competition, analyse your own brand metrics and find out what consumers really think. 

Start tracking your brand from just €450 a month.

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The Digital Brand Tracker is tailor-made for digital brands and startups.

Not just the big players. 

A flexible and affordable subscription model ensures that you have access to the most relevant information, with reports customised to your needs. 

DCMN’s market research and brand solutions experts are on hand to help you make the most of your data.

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How does your brand association measure up?

How about your brand awareness?

In competitive growth markets, it’s crucial to keep track of your brand awareness. That’s why we signed up for the DCMN Brand Tracker in February 2019, which has helped us to measure our brand in Germany against those of our competitors. It’s been an invaluable resource for us as we’ve continued to scale upwards – and will continue to be going forward.

Torsten Müller

Vice President Marketing & Communications

Find out what consumers really think about your brand, 

• Track the development of your brand’s awareness.

• Monitor your competitor's activities.

• Understand the perception of your brand.

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and your competition.